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Helpful Hints & Tips


2-3 Months Before Your Move Date

  • Make a list of the items you wish to move
  • Make contact with removal companies to get quotes
  • If moving overseas make sure to get your personal records in order.
  • Fill out the required customs forms if applicable

1-2 Months Before Your Move Date

  • Make arrangements to get your packing materials if you plan on doing the packing yourself
  • Complete and return your acceptance forms and confirm your required moving date
  • Complete forms relating to your insurance requirements

1-4 Weeks Before Your Move Date

  • Safely dispose of all flammables e.g. paints, gas bottles, cleaning fluids and oils.
  • Clear attic and / or basement
  • Contact the relevant tradesmen to carry out any required tasks e.g. plumbers, electricians, carpenters, cleaners, etc.
  • Ensure that you keep any required documents close at hand e.g. passports, travel tickets, etc before your packers arrive

The Day Of Your Move

  • Outline any special instructions to the removal company upon their arrival.
  • Confirm what is to be moved
  • When the packing and loading is complete have a final look around to ensure that nothing gets left behind.
  • Sign the inventory listing after you have checked it carefully and are happy with it
  • Ensure that the property is fully locked up and secure

Upon delivery of your goods instruct the removal company where you would like items placed

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