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Whether you are returning to Canada or going there for the first time, there will inevitably be questions that you would like answered prior to your move. The following removal company guide will hopefully provide you with the information you need for importing household goods, personal effects and motor vehicles from Ireland. You should note the additional charges may be incurred if you import prohibited or restricted items. These charges, along with taxes, duties, storage, demurrage, Canada or USA customs / agriculture inspection charges, handling/special cleaning charges resulting from inspection, delivery that can only be serviced by ferry or delivery above 2nd floor without an elevator are not included in our quotation.

If you have any questions regarding your move, or quotation please feel free to phone your sales coordinator at Careline International Moving & Storage +353 (0)61 326070 or e-mail: sales@careline.ie


Household furniture removals & personal effects:

  • Immigrants: This is any person moving to Canada, with the intention of establishing a residence for more than 12 months. An immigrant may import free of duty and taxes household and personal effects that were owned and used by him/her in his/her former country of residence.
  • Returning Canadians: May bring back duty free all household and personal effects including car, boat, airplane, provided they have been acquired and used six months prior to arrival in Canada. (After 5 years, the 6 months provision is eliminated). There is, however, a valuation limit placed on these goods of $10,000.00 per item which includes automobiles, Duty and taxes will be levied against any one item that exceeds that limitation. Canadians who have lived outside of Canada for less than 1 year are excluded from the speed program.

Custom Clearance

Personal attendance during customs clearance by the shipper is mandatory. The first declaration must be made at point of entry into Canada. At this time the shipper will need to submit tow detailed lists, in duplicate. The first list should cover accompanying goods and the second should be marked "goods to follow". It would be helpful to show values, makes, models and serial numbers. When the shipment arrives, a second personal declaration to Customs is required at the Customs point nearest final destination.

Documents required

Landed immigration (settlers) Requirements.

  • Passport including the immigration identification validated upon arrival to Canada
  • Yours 'Goods to follow list' for all shipments, including values (English/French) - Detailed inventory (Supplied by Careline International).
  • Advise notice obtained (Supplied by Careline International).
  • All documentation proving ownership possession and use.
  • All receipts for new items being imported
  • Previous airport or US/Canada border declaration papers (B4E declaration form).
    Returning Canadians:
  • Passport
  • Proof of residency & duration outside Canada (Foreign work permit/letter from employer/statement from Canadian Consulate at origin/rent receipts/foreign drivers license/etc).
  • A complete list of all items with values being imported (English/French) - Detailed inventory (Supplied by Careline International).
  • Receipts of items purchased outside Canada (proof of ownership of minimum 6 months is required). Any one-individual-item with value of less than 10,000 CAD is entitled to be imported duty free.
  • Liquor import declaration (if applicable)
  • List of items with a value over 10,000 CAD (including vehicles).
  • Previous airport or US/Canada border declaration papers (B4E declaration form)

Seasonal resident in Canada

  • Passport
  • A detailed list of all items being imported in English. Import of used goods is duty free on a one time only basis and the goods cannot be sold for at least one year. - Detailed inventory (Supplied by Careline International).

Student - visitor - work visa.

  • Passport including a valid visa issued by Canada Employment & Immigration
  • Advise notice, supplied by Careline International.
  • A complete list of all items being imported for your personal use while you remain in Canada (English/French) - Detailed inventory (Supplied by Careline International).
  • All documentation proving ownership possession and use.
  • All receipts for new items being imported.
  • Previous airport or US/Canada border declaration papers.
  • Liquor import declaration (if applicable)


  • All items imported must be for your personal use during your stay.
  • All goods must be exported when you leave Canada.
  • The goods may not be disposed of in Canada with Customs Authorization.

Inheritance or Gifts in Anticipation of Death Requirements.

  • Personal identification
  • A detailed list of all items. (French / English).
  • Advise notice, Careline Supply
  • A copy of the Death Certificate, a copy of the will or a letter from the Executor of the Estate taxing you are a beneficiary.
  • A signed statement from the donor giving reason for the gift or a statement from the Executor of the Estate (Gifts could be subject to import duties and taxes).

Motor Vehicles

  • Passport
  • Proof of ownership and previous registration.
  • Insurance documents to be presented at time of clearing.
  • The car must comply with Canadian Standards.
  • All vehicles will be inspected by the Canadian Agricultural Agency upon arrival into Canada.

Immigrants may import on a duty free basis an automobile that they have owned, used and had in their possession prior to coming to Canada. Returning residents who have lived outside Canada for a minimum of 1 year, and have owned, had in their possession and used a vehicle for a least 6 months may bring them in duty free. However, in all cases any vehicle less than 15 years old must comply with all Canadian safety and emission standards. Please note that not all auto's meet Canadian Standards. Any vehicle 15 years or older may be imported from countries other than the USA.

Drivers License

Landing immigrants on a work permit are allowed to drive a car on their original license for up to two months. After this period a test is required for the Canadian Province of residence driver's license.


All information on this page is given for guidance only, and although we believe it to be correct at the time of writing, we cannot accept any liability for errors, omissions, inaccuracies or misinterpretation. All charges, regulations and procedures are liable to change without notice.

This information is provided without obligation and at the individual's risk. We accept no responsibility for any inaccuracy of whatever nature.

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