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Czech Republic


The following information is given to you in order to facilitate moving overseas to the Czech Republic. Subject to change, it should be used only as a guideline. Please contact us for more specific information. Used household goods and personal effects (six months old minimum) may be imported into the Czech Republic free of duty and V.A.T., provided the following documents are presented to customs:

  • Detailed inventory in Czech, dated and signed (we can translate from German / Russian /English /French). Serial numbers of electrical appliances are required
  • Copy of client's passport
  • Czech residence permit (or confirmation of client's application for residence permit)
  • Authorisation of AGS to arrange customs clearance and pick-up shipment (we supply the form).
  • Confirmation from employer that the client is employed with the company
  • Rental contract (2 years minimum period required)
  • Customs officers have the right to request customs guarantee (by cash, bank guarantee or company's guarantee) even if the client has all above mentioned documents.


  • Detailed inventory in Czech, valued, dated and signed
  • Copy of client's passport
  • "JCD" = embassy import declaration (3 originals)
  • Authorisation of AGS to arrange customs clearance and pick up shipment (our form)


  • valued inventory (packing list)
  • copy of passport
  • copy of Czech ID card with residence of client in CR, if it is not available - rental contract
  • power of attorney for AGS to arrange customs clearance document, which confirms, that client lived in broad longer than one year (mainly confirmation from a company which he worked for or from an embassy) .


  • As new Czech laws are still being created, it is likely to expect changes. Please advise your client to contact
  • us immediately upon arrival in order to complete forms.
  • In case all documents cannot be provided (e.g., registration of the company is not finished) the client has to pay a security deposit which is refundable or provide a bank guarantee
  • AGS Prague operates a bonded warehouse
  • If shipment contains commercial items, a separate invoice(s) must be provided
  • Auto is considered as personal effects (must be older than 6 months) but bank guarantee or security deposit can be required. Certificate of title + invoice/bill must be available.
  • Fire arms may only be imported after a gun license has been issued by the Czech police and presented to customs
  • Antiques, paintings etc.: photographs required for customs, special clearance may occur
  • Prohibited articles : alcohol, tobacco products, non personal auto
  • Pet requirements : a certificate of veterinary
  • Plants requirements : FYTO certificate


All information on this page is given for guidance only, and although we believe it to be correct at the time of writing, we cannot accept any liability for errors, omissions, inaccuracies or misinterpretation. All charges, regulations and procedures are liable to change without notice.

This information is provided without obligation and at the individual's risk. We accept no responsibility for any inaccuracy of whatever nature.

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