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Whether you are returning to the Switzerland, or going there for the first time, there will inevitably be questions that you would like answered prior to your move.

The following guide will hopefully provide you with the information you need for importing household goods and personal effects from Ireland to Switzerland.

You should note that additional charges may be incurred if you import prohibited or restricted items. These charges, along with taxes and duties, storage, demurrage, customs / agriculture inspection charges, handling/special cleaning charges resulting from inspection, delivery that can only be serviced by ferry or delivery above 2nd floor without an elevator are not included in our quotation. TVA is not included in your quotation.


Our agent Bruno Oberhanali. P.O. Box 39 Chemin du Cret 10 1279 Chavannes - de - Bogis Switzerland Tel: 022 776 0416 Fax: 022 776 0426 clears all consignments through customs in Geneva and collects any TVA due from you.



  • ORIGINAL completed 1844 Swiss customs form. Please note: The 1844 form comes in French, German and Italian only. Only an Original form will be accepted. Careline's bilingual coordinators will gladly assist you with completing this form
  • ORIGINAL signed and valued list of items that you are importing either in French or Germany (A Basic list only is required).
  • Copy of your passport.
  • Copy of flat/house sale/rental agreement of property in Switzerland. Please note goods cannot be imported before the date you take possessions of the property.
  • Copy of Swiss work permit *** except Swiss nationals *** Swiss Nationals to provide ORIGINAL Swiss registration issed in the town that you will be residing.


  • If the consignment consists purely of personal effects with no household items at all, ie: books, clothes, etc and no china, electrical items, or glass, then the only document required is a list of the goods. No other documentation is required.

Your sales coordinator at Careline International is always available to answer questions regarding documentation, as not everybody falls into the aforementioned categories and sometimes special circumstances have to be taken into consideration.


All information on this page is given for guidance only, and although we believe it to be correct at the time of writing, we cannot accept any liability for errors, omissions, inaccuracies or misinterpretation. All charges, regulations and procedures are liable to change without notice.

This information is provided without obligation and at the individual's risk. We accept no responsibility for any inaccuracy of whatever nature.

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